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Here at The ONE: Peru Ministries we believe that Jesus changes people's lives. We also believe that in the Kingdom of God, everyONE person matters. Jesus changes lives and it is our job to facilitate the introductions. We facility this by creating and maintaining relationships with people who are far from God. That means that we are out in the world, meeting people and introducing them to our Father and His son Jesus. 

As Missionaries, all that we do is financed through generous gifts and offerings of people just like you. Most give through their local church, but some give directly. Your generous support allows us to be here and to make connections with people and in turn introduce them to Jesus. 

Will you partner with us as we continue to make Jesus known here in Lima? 


Email: Elmo@theoneperuministries.com

Birthday: July 13th

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I was born into a Christian home and was introduced to the gospel at an early age. I accepted Christ at the age of 8 under at FBC, Bassett VA. When I was 14 I had the opportunity to go to Peru for the first time. God provided my passport, funds, and parental approval all within 10 days of first learning of a trip to Lima. I was called into the ministry while on my third trip to Lima while doing street evangelism. I have taken a total of 7 short-term trips and now I live and work full-time in Lima!

I attended Boston Baptist College and served as the Associate Pastor/Missions Coordinator for 18 months before becoming a Missionary September 2011.



Email: Kat@theoneperuministries.com

Birthday: August 13th 

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I was adopted into a Pastors family when I was just a few days old. I grew up in church and  a few weeks after I turned 5, I made a profession of faith. I did not remember this event so when I was 16, at Word of Life teen camp in upstate New York I felt convicted to make sure my faith in God was personal to me. God became my Savior that day and a few weeks later I had a chance go on a missions trip to Peru. 

Even though I immediately feel in love with the country and the people I was not ready to give my life to God to be a missionary to Peru. During my senior year of high school God radically changed my world view through the testimony of a missionary named Veronica Bowers. Her testimony is what God use to tell me He wanted to go serve Him in Peru. I have been back to Peru 3 times and now we live here and call Peru our home! 
I attended Boston Baptist College after attending Word of Life Bible Institute for a year. I have served in several church ministries along side my husband. I am now a missionary and a full time mother to a very active Elmo V, who we call "Cinco" (which is 5 in Spanish).



Hi! My name is Elmo V (the fifth) but my friends call me "Cinco." I am a Missionary to Lima! I love living in Lima and I play an active part in the ministry of my parents. I love Cars, Trains and Legos! 

Birthday: October 13th 

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" 
Prov 29:18a


Here at The ONE: Peru Ministries we believe in short term missions. Both Kathryn and Elmo were called to be full-time missionaries as a result of a short-term experience. Now we are hosting these experiences in hopes of exposing more people to the amazing world of inter-cultural mission work. We hope that you choose to come to Lima and experience first hand what God is doing here! 


Whether it’s a youth group or a group of senior saints, we would love to host you here in Lima. The opportunity to come to a Latin American country and Serve our Lord by helping expand a Local Church and its ministries is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Please simply fill-out the contact form and we will get the conversation started! 

3 month Internship

Do you want to experience firsthand the Church Planting Experience? Do you want to learn how to minister in a Latin Society? Or maybe you think that God is calling you into a full-time Church Planting ministry and want to give it a try. Well, we are accepting applications for internship positions that will begin Spring of 2016.



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The ONE: Peru Ministries is now a part of The ONE: Collective family. All of our evangelical and church-planting ministries are managed through The ONE: Peru Ministries in partnership with the BBFI and are funded by generous churches and individuals just like you. 

All of our humanitarian-aid projects are managed through our 501(c)3 Non-Profit The ONE: Collective. This separation allows us to solicit grants and pubic funding which means that we can go farther for the Kingdom. Although there is a line of distinction, every project, event or ministry that we are involved in is inherently evangelistic. We partner with local churches in the area where we or our field partners are working and have seen great advances for the Gospel. By separating the two areas however, we are able to seek public grants and other funding that is not available to a church planting ministry. 


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